I Started Something New!

Not sure what I would do without NaNoWriMo. It has literally saved my procrastinating butt twice now—once in July, and now now (can I say that? Ah, forget it, ’tis English after all). I have to say, there’s something inherently exciting about thousands of writers ganging up for a month every year. It’s too bad we’re all too occupied consuming chocolate and hot beverages to form an army of sorts. Ain’t nobody could stand up to a legion of angry writers.

In any case, I decided I can’t remain idle for too long, or else I’ll never start up again. Thus, it was important for me to start a new project after the (temporary) demise of Frontier. Thanks to NaNo, I had an excuse to just that, and now I’m working on an untitled sci-fi piece with clear steampunk influences.

Since he’s sick of writing in first person, Kai will be putting this piece in third, as it gives him more freedom as a narrator. Additionally, this new piece is intended to be considerably less serious and considerably more entertaining, lighthearted, and comedic than Frontier was, but also better written in general ;).

Finally, Kai is making a public statement saying that he will post on this blog more, now that school has started once more and he is consequently bored and looking for things to do. He anticipates working more on the new project and eventually titling and adding it to the projects page.  He also is starting to find referring to himself in the third person is getting rather tiresome, and says it causes him to ramble on and on pointlessly, creating run-on sentences and poorly structured phrases and not using, commas the way, they are, supposed to be, us,ed.

I also find myself vehemently hoping no one will read this post now.



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