Why I Choose to Create

Sometimes, I wonder. It’s exhilarating. It’s wonderful. I want other people to wonder like I do after I read a good story. I want other people to get that same sense of hopeful hopeless longing for a universe they’ve immersed themselves in to be real. I want to share the feeling I got when I read Harry Potter for the first time, the feeling that drives me to this day to play imagination-games and to talk to myself. The feeling that makes me feel so disconnected from the world.

Sometimes, I wonder.

I wonder how I can break the laws of physics. Maybe I could become an astrophysicist who devises a method for Faster-Than-Light travel. Maybe I could be the one who figures out time travel.

I like to travel. I don’t like staying in one place.

Except, as the rest of the world seems so eager to tell me I can’t travel like that.

My physics homework likes to tell me that those things are not possible. My math homework wants me to think that superheroes jumping from building to building are nothing more than pleasant figments of my imagination which exist only so I can use the cosine function on them.

So instead, I make my own accommodations. I travel light — just a laptop and a couch and a cup of some hot beverage. I make my own ticket outta here. Trout, I even make my own destination.

I make things because sometimes I can’t get them. A lot of times I can’t get them. Physics says so, and physics is mean, so I listen to physics for now. That might change in the future but for now things are what they are.

“Or are they?”

Michael Stevens, VSauce

I live in a constant state of denial. I deny that the world is bleak and that politics are real and that the Percy Jackson movies exist. I deny that I can’t travel they way I want to.

The world’s so much bigger than everyone thinks it is. So, so much bigger. It’s just that so, so much is covered up and out of sight. So much of it is missing, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

So I’ma go out and find it, already.



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