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Well, well, well. Two months into owning this site, and I’ve only posted… what, 5 or 6 times? But in the space of those two months, a lot has happened. Among the sad things, there’s the fact that I’m shutting down Frontier.

But hey, nobody likes focusing on the negative. So that’s why I’m excited to announce a few changes regarding this site and its content. And, yeah, maybe nobody cares, (I still haven’t gotten a single comment or like, but hey–Rome was not built in a day) and yes, the site has only been up for a tiny amount of time, so it never really had a solid base to be changed in the first place, but whatever. I felt like writing a post, so here goes.

Up until now, in all five of my posts, the main theme has been writing. And–don’t get me wrong–I’m totally a writer. I enjoy writing, I’d like to be a successful author at some point, etc., etc. But I’m also more than a writer, and that’s really the point of this post.

So, cutting to the chase, this site is officially no longer restricted to posts about writing, novelling, and chocolate, and is given free reign over all topics that happen to pop into my head at a given moment. Now, what might these include? Mostly, I want to expand the site to include filmmaking, politics, opinion pieces, and or philosophical posts if I’m feeling extra dramatic. Don’t worry–I think writing will still maintain its own little chunk of the site, but in the end, I really just don’t see the site only being about writing.

Why these things in particular? Well, I confess, despite my frequent use of the metric system and “cheers,” I am a citizen of the United States. As such, I have very strong political views and like hamburgers (isn’t that like a defining characteristic of all Americans?) and needed an outlet to vent said views and hamburgers. As a side note, I also like filmmaking and filmwatching (if you concatenate the words it makes it a respectable profession), so I’ll be talking a little about those, too.

Well, that was a short post, I admit, but it was really more of announcement, anyways. To anyone who actually read it, I issue congratulations. To anyone who didn’t read it…well, actually if you didn’t read it you won’t see this, so it’s by definition an exercise in futility to attempt to deliver a message to you.

On that note,



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