I Have a Title

Since I started my latest project I’ve been brainstorming ideas for the title. Until about two days ago, they were all complete trash. And then, two days ago, I tentatively settled on one that may or may not be my final choice.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

It’s Cosmofragmental.

Alright, so it’s admittedly strange. And, out of context, kinda cheesy. But I’m hoping to clarify in the coming days and weeks so that it doesn’t seem quite so like that anymore.

For now, all you need know is that it’s still in its infancy (at a wee 5 000 words), with no clear plot and no clear way to get one. It’s more of an unformed feeling if anything. In my head when I decided to start it, I had no story. Just a feeling that I wanted the reader to get when they read it. From the start, I wanted the readers to have this whimsical sense of grandeur and awe, but in a fatalistic, almost pessimistic sort of way. I don’t want it to be pretentious, but I do want it to be deep and philosophical in its own quirky sort of way. Not quite as weird as Candide or Le Petit Prince, but not as boring as Tolstoy, if that all makes any sense.

The plot centers around a young man who periodically catches glimpses of the world from the perspective of a four-dimensional being. Instead of seeing like most people, in 2D, he sometimes snaps in and out of seeing in 3D. Thus, he’s an eccentric, Newt Scamander kinda character, and the story revolves around his efforts to comprehend the universe and, specifically, time. The revelation of the reason behind his desire to do so, the people he meets in his efforts, and the things he goes through all culminate in a super dramatic scene that I’ve had stuck in my head for ages, unable to write it, though, without context. So, in essence, I’m writing this entire manuscript in an effort to reach the one scene I thought of. It’s actually a scene I originally planned on summing up Frontier with, but I decided to repurpose it to something better-planned.

Speaking of planning, I haven’t done enough. Other than the rough outline above, I have very little in the way of a story in my head. So if you thought my summary felt sparse, understand that it’s still in development and not nearly complete.

Well, that’s really all I have to say for now, so make sure you check my projects page for more details later on.



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