CIGPRUN #1 — Saboteurs and Inspections

I am writing this post because I don’t know what to write for Cosmofragmental. So I spent some time thinking about ways to brainstorm, but after a while I realized that all my best ideas have come from conversations with actual, real other people. And then I realized that I could use that to my advantage; by leveraging the fact that I have a website where I post things. Even though this site has currently very few readers, the simple fact that I have an audience is all I need to rant. And as mentioned above, me ranting is me at my best.

If you get bored with stream-of-consciousness type things, then by all means, don’t read this post. I don’t care if anyone reads this post. It is simply a way to motivate me to actually do something with my writing, and benefits me in the end way more than you anyways.

With that out of the way, welcome to the first Council of Idea Generation from Pseudo-Random Utter Nonsense (CIGPRUN). It’s my way to simultaneously post something quasi-interesting on the blog and benefit myself with the illusion of being productive story-wise.

The way I see this working–since I can’t actually reveal too much of the story, I’m going to present scenarios from the story using generic titles, and then just think out loud for a bit about how to progress the story. The idea is that by pretending to talk it out while under the pressure of knowing that I’ll post it all to my blog, I can effectively brainstorm something to kick-start the plot with.

The catch is that whatever I settle on, I am hereby honor-bound to include it in the final draft of Cosmofragmental. 

There. Said and done. I’m-a gonna go write some trash now.


The  PROTAGONIST (henceforth known as “PRO”) is a young man who has just boarded a jumpship. He intends to conduct research on time whilst on-board. However, the ship is sabotage just as it enters a wormhole of its own creation. This causes the CAPTAIN and CREW to be on high alert, in which state they notice that strange signals are emanating from PRO’s cabin. Thinking him to possibly be the saboteur, they search his cabin and politely detain him.


Well, CAPTAIN isn’t inherently suspicious. She’s smart, and she knows that PRO might not be the guy she’s looking for, but she’s also not one to miss the fact that the ship-crippling (shippling?) explosion and the signals from PRO’s room happened at the same time, and that no other cabin is behaving strangely. Due to said signals, security footage is unavailable; this is why CAPTAIN and GUARDS had to visit PRO’s cabin personally.

I’ve gotten as far as PRO opening the door when CAPTAIN knocks, but what next? PRO isn’t hostile to CAPTAIN–or at least that is the reader’s first impression. Sooo… what if I went against that to make things interesting? In drama class, I’ve learned that sometimes the easiest way to start and improv scene is for character A to pose an ordinary question, and for character B to answer it in a really unexpected way (the premise of every Vsauce video). So maybe I should do that?

Oh, here’s an idea–PRO is protective of his equipment, which he’s using to measure things. Thus, when CAPTAIN requests to come into his room, he stalls, all the while remotely rearranging and collapsing and hiding his stuff? Maybe he has a control pad on his forearm or something? Or in his palm, so she can’t see him do it?

That might work–and it would provide tension to the meeting–and it goes against the type of graciousness you’d expect from PRO. It would also extend the plot because it would make CAPTAIN more suspicious of PRO…

But then what? I mean, at some point, he’ll decide his instruments are well hidden. Does he just decide to change tactics at that point? OR NO! Ok, this is a bit weird, but what if he acts inebriated as a distraction, and then pretends to feint, so they blame everything on his drunkeness? No, not like PRO at all…

Maybe instead of acting drunk he could just pretend to be groggy, like, maybe acting like he can’t understand what CAPTAIN is saying? This is better. And then, like, one of the GUARDS could make a sarcastic comment to the CAPTAIN about rich lazy people, and then PRO can pretend to finally wake up enough…

Or maybe I should scratch all the stalling stuff? Maybe he can just activate the put-away sequence as soon as he hears the knock and then wait for it to finish before opening? Or some combination of the too?

Eh, whatever. I at least have some options for the door meetup now. But what next? Well, eventually I know I want PRO to let CAPTAIN into his room, because he’s not a jerk or a rebel, but I want CAPTAIN to find something in the room that warrants PRO’s detention. OOOH MAYBE… maybe CAPTAIN has her GUARDS scan the room to see where the weird signal was coming from, and then one of them figures out it’s coming from PRO. I mean, I knew that from the start, but I just figured out a great way to show it. Kind of like a “look sir, droids!” type quip.


Oh oh oh and then the CAPTAIN can like, start talking to PRO, and then when she gets the comm from her GUARD she can, like knock him out and drag him to detention.

NO NO even better the GUARD finds one of his instruments under something and think’s its a bomb, at which point PRO is knocked out and the whole hallway is locked down in preparation for another explosion.

And then they won’t figure out the signal’s coming off of him until they move him to a cell and realize the signal moved with him. They scan him for implants and then there’s this whole thihgn -adn-the-po-it-s-lal-odf——- [brain overload]


I think that’s all I need.


So here it is: the Wrap-Up, the TL;DR, the Honor-Code-Part, the Unbreakable Vow.

From this CIGPRUN, I will implement the following in Cosmoframental:

— PRO will stall for time in front of the door while CAPTAIN attempts to get in.

— Once inside, CAPTAIN will engage PRO is conversation while her GUARDS search the room for the source of the mysterious signal, which they still haven’t pinned down as PRO himself.

— One of the GUARDS will discover a piece of PRO’s equipment and evacuate the room.

— CAPTAIN will tranquilize PRO against his protests.

— We transition to a scene where CAPTAIN discovers the real source of the signal and where PRO is detained.

— Thus, CAPTAIN is confused, because it’s unsure still who the saboteur was (it wasn’t PRO).


Very good.

That’s the most story development I’ve had all month. I might do this more often. Who knows? Maybe I can make CIGPRUN a sort of trademark of my blog… and make it episodic or something. Let me know in the comments if that’s something you guys would be interested in. In the meantime, I have a scene to get writing.



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